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  Our Commitment
  Comprenhensive state-of-the-art solutions to the Hydralic fluid power systems since more than 10years.
  Hydraulic Power Pack
  Lordwin Hydraulics power pack comes in custom-built well as standard units i.e. up to 500 bar working pressure.
Keeping the kaizen process and philosophy our R&D team developed various innovative and unique devices for plastic industry, garbage disposal equipments and aviation ground equipment substitutes as well.
Lordwin Hydraulics manufacture hydraulic cylinders / jacks / power pack units / manifold blocks etc.used in machine building industries, plastic processing machineries, cold rolling mills, steel plants, marine equipments, earth moving / material handling equipments and various special purpose machineries as well.

We manufacture hydraulic presses up to 1000 tons.
Applications ::
Hydraulic cylinders are actuation devices that utilize hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion and force. Hydraulic cylinders are used in a variety of power transfer applications. Operating specifications, configuration or mounting, materials used for construction and various features are all important parameters we consider while we develop client specific devices.
Hydraulic Presses ::
Technical Specifications
Model No. Cap.Ton Platen Size-MM Day Light Gap - MM Stroke - MM Bore / Ram
Dia - MM
Pressure Kg/Cm2 Motor HP
LH05 05 150X200 175 175 75 150 2
LH10 10 200X200 250 200 90 160 2
LH25 25 250X250 300 250 140 170 3
LH50 50 400X400 400 300 180 210 5
LH75 75 450X450 400 300 220 210 7.5
LH100 100 500X400 500 400 220 210 10

  C-Frame hydraulic press can be used for simple pressing / coining / stamping / bending etc. and also for      die cushion,
     induction table & rubber moulding.
In case of die-cushion, die cushion cylinder with all required system will be provided.
In case of rubber moulding, heating provision in the working plate can be provided.
According to the speed of the press, Motor H.P. can be changed.
C-Frame Hydraulic Presses can be supplied with

a. Die Cushion / Ejection.
b. With pressure transmitter for precise pressure sensing
c. With load cell & L.V.D.T. for precise load & stroke control sensing.
Wide range of standard & custom-built superior quality hydraulic presses are also made at LORDWIN HYDRAULICS Mumbai factory.

We also manufacture wide range of Hydraulic presses as per customers specifications and special requirements.
Some of our other range of quality products trusted across the nation are given below.